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My Original Ideas to Match Clothes
6:15 дп
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Smart girls are good at matching clothes, which is a truth I believed in. So I devoted myself on learning matching clothes, especial summer clothes. Now it's time to show you my fruits.

May you already know the trends of this summer? They're lace skirts( ), floral printed patterns and crop tops and many other trends. We take lace skirts for example.

I bought a lace ruffle skirt in knee-length yesterday. How should I match it? When styling a lace ruffle skirt, resist the urge to only wear soft, ladylike pieces with it. So teaming a lace skirt a simple tank top can give it a relaxed vibe and alternatively, go tailored and preppy with a long-sleeve button-down shirt. Denim or chambray button-downs pair particularly well with ruffle skirts, adding an easy, boho-Western feel.

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